The Team

We’re progressive organizers brought together by our passion for helping great causes realize their full potential online and on-the-ground.


Nadine Tkatchevskaia

Nadine is a bilingual political organizer and campaign manager based in Toronto. She has over a dozen election campaigns under her belt at the federal, provincial, municipal and local level. She holds a Bilingual Honours B.A. in International Studies from York University and an M.A. in Gender Studies and Feminist Research from McMaster University.

Nicolas Romer

Nicolas Romer

Nicolas is a bilingual web designer and community organizer based in Montreal with a background in data management and web design. He is an urban organizer, and has worked with Santropol Roulant, the NDG Food Depot, and Montreal’s community bike shop network. He holds an Honours B.F.A. in Studio Arts from Concordia University.

Lisa Hoffman

Lisa Brody Hoffman

Lisa is a digital strategist and political organizer passionate about using technology for civic engagement. She has worked with not-for-profit and social advocacy organizations as a design and communications director, helping clients bridge the gap between mission and digital action. She holds an Honours B.F.A. in Studio Arts & Art History from Concordia University and an M.A. in Communications & Culture from Ryerson and York University.

Cameron Monagle

Cameron Monagle

Cameron is a bilingual lead developer based in Montreal. With experience in the associative and political movements in Quebec, he is passionate about digital organizing tools and their value for NPOs. He holds a BA in History from Concordia University.