Solar Water Network

We aim to provide NGOs with the digital tools to bring their work in local communities to the global stage.

Unclean water is one of the greatest single causes of preventable diseases and death among children. And yet, there are many inexpensive strategies that could be used today to purify unclean water. With the SODIS method, unclean water is poured into a plastic bottle and placed in the sun. Through ultraviolet exposure, contaminated water becomes clean to drink.

The Solar Water Network is a special project of Global Peace Network, a global health charity based in Vancouver, British Columbia. They promote sustainable community development and healthcare internationally. The Solar Water project uses digital tools to build relationships with NGOs and community groups to promote the SODIS water purification method.

Semaphore designed a powerful tool for sharing the Solar Water Network’s story and mission. We designed a clear and direct single-scroll website with poignant copy and a compelling look-and-feel. Users were engaged to fundraise, promote the project through their school, and volunteer.

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