Kristyn Wong-Tam

We love to work with local candidates and elected officials to win modern campaigns and engage their constituency.

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Kristyn has a long history investing in the City of Toronto through both the public and private sectors. As Councillor, she is a community advocate who champions a safe and sustainable Toronto, a strong arts and culture industry, and a vibrant public realm. She represents Toronto’s diverse downtown core composed of 14 distinct neighborhoods and over 89,000 constituents.

In the 2014 Toronto municipal election, Wong-Tam was vying for a second term. She partnered with Semaphore campaigns for her re-election campaign, taking the lead on field operations as well as digital strategy and communications.

Semaphore engaged voters with powerful messaging and digital strategy–managing campaign outreach, voter engagement, messaging, and visual design. We built Wong-Tam’s campaign messaging around four main pillars: responsible development, public realm renewal, urban transportation, and affordable living.

Team Wong-Tam and Semaphore used NationBuilder to integrate the campaign’s website, people database, and fundraising tools. We developed contact lists, recruited volunteers, and contacted voters on the platform, while also engaging audiences through social media, producing fundraising materials, and generating leads.

In a few short months, we built a team of 100+ volunteers, canvassed thousands of houses and attracted media attention across the city. Councillor Wong-Tam won with an impressive 62.5% of the vote.

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