We work with student unions and organizations to create clean and engaging digital platforms to get people involved and mobilize around important issues.

The FEUQ was the largest youth organization in Québec, representing over 120,000 students when the website was redesigned. Over its 25 years of existence, it produced hundreds of studies, policy proposals, and explanatory documents. It advocated on behalf of student interests to governments, university administrations, and civil society.

With hundreds of documents, over a dozen student association members, several major campaigns, and high profile events, the FEUQ’s website needed to efficiently deliver a wide array of information to different groups. In the interest of transparency, an increasing variety of documents were published online, but the means of accessing them appeared opaque and intimidating to those unfamiliar with the Federation. Campaigns were often separate from the main site, leading to a disjointed user experience.

We developed a bilingual, mobile-first website featuring a clean design and fast performance.

The solution was based on WordPress with a focus on speed. With only 11 HTTP requests and extensive optimisation, it was snappy on even the weakest university WiFi networks. It included members-only access, extensive social integration (Twitter cards, OG metadata, etc), was optimized for all mediums (including print), while remaining easy to use for non-technical users. A function to easily publish independently branded micro-sites was included, to ensure continuity for the user. The extensive documentation was restructured into a coherent and easily understandable hierarchy. Analytics were installed and consistently followed up on to make sure the site remained relevant to its users.

With the site redesign, traffic increased heavily . Member associations appreciated the improved performance and reliability, employees and executives made greater use of the website, and students enjoyed more expedient access to information.

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FEUQ screencap